Achieve ADA Compliance with Interactive Accessibility

Interactive accessibility makes your product detail pages usable for everyone, especially consumers with low vision, color blindness, or who are blind. It means complying with ADA rules for web accessibility. Here’s how ADA compliance can be more than just a challenge, but an opportunity for e-commerce product page optimization and growth.

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Interactive Accessibility and ADA Compliance | SellPoints

How Interactive Accessibility is Good for Business

Web accessibility may seem like a burden with no upside for your e-commerce growth, but consider three ways it’s good for business.

  1. Expand your consumer audience. Disabilities that affect a customer’s ability to shop on the web affect over 9%, or 35 million Americans*. Why not show an open-for-business sign to this audience?
  2. Accessible design is good design for everyone. Many common parts of web pages became standard when the Internet was new, and designers used tables for layout and images for text because we did not yet have an inclusive set of design tools. Today those old approaches will fail an ADA or Section 503 review, but will also look bad for your young shoppers on mobile. Why not address both at once?
  3. Beat your competition. The bad news is e-commerce website accessibility is not a priority for everyone. The good news is you can beat your competitors and stand out.

SellPoints delivers interactive content that meets e-commerce accessibility rules, keeping you ahead of the curve regarding legal requirements, to say nothing of your competition.