Increase ROAS with a bridge between marketing campaigns and product pages

SellPoints believes that one of the biggest missed opportunities for brands is the disconnect between a brand’s product page experience and their marketing strategy. When you consider how many resources are invested in building brand awareness and driving consumers to a retail site, it seems strange that brands would not want to unite that strategy with the most critical part of the buyer journey. That’s why SellPoints has evolved to offer brands a new way to connect their retail product page experiences to the rest of their marketing strategy.

Introducing SellPoints Audiences, a groundbreaking new program that allows brands to target their digital marketing spend to audiences built with exclusive customer engagement data collected through Story Points.

This last mile connection of the consumer shopping experience has the ability to both boost product page performance and increase ROAS. We are strategically positioned to not only unite the marketing and content provisioning strategies so they each drive more value but to do so with a revenue-sharing model the benefits retailers. It’s a win win win.

Real Quick- What is ROAS?

ROAS is to ROI as ERA is to WHIP. If you’re not familiar with baseball that analogy won’t make much sense, so to put it another way, ROAS essentially evolved out of ROI (Return on Investment) as a way to isolate the revenue generated from the cost of a marketing campaign. It was most likely invented by a former math major who somehow ended up in marketing and was tired of being part of the first round of company layoffs. If this is sounding like the key to your own job security, read more about ROAS.

What Does ROAS Have To Do With My Product Pages?

Surprisingly, quite a bit. In a digital sales funnel, where success is defined by an online transaction, every optimization effort is measurable, and every improvement counts. It is a long-held B2B best practice that uniting headlines, imagery, and fonts between digital ads and their landing pages result in increased conversions for SAAS businesses. SellPoints believes the same principle is true for B2C brands, which is why we created SellPoints Audiences.

Increasing ROAS for Brands and Revenue for Retailers

We believe SellPoints Audiences represents the future of the brand-retail relationship and are currently testing this product with an exclusive set of retailers. Learn more about SellPoints Audiences and see if you qualify to participate.

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