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SellPoints believes that the sub-optimal layout of most product pages on retail websites are costing brands money. More consumers are trusting the digital shopping experience than ever before, which means fewer consumers are going into showroom stores to understand a product. This places a new burden on brands to represent their products as best as possible in the digital world. Unfortunately for these brands, most of this content is controlled by 3rd parties such as user review sites and retailers. With SellPoints product page optimization solutions, however, brands can better control their product story and give consumers a showroom experience that gives them the confidence to buy.

Our enhanced content service platform has been proven to increase conversion rates and, in turn, increase the incremental revenue these product pages generate.

Content Optimization with Real Results

A recent Nielsen study found that once users scan the top of a page for relevant information, they go below the fold to see secondary, detailed information before completing their purchase. This is essential when brands are struggling to increase conversion rates. More than ever before, consumers have a strong desire to learn about a product’s story before making an online purchase. They want engaging interactive experiences above the fold and educational content below the fold. SellPoints’ content solution gives brands the ability to customize their product story on retailers’ websites with highly engaging and educational content that accelerates the purchase decision for shoppers.

Users scan the top of a page for relevant information, then go below the fold to see secondary, detailed information.

Our product content management platform generates an average incremental lift in add to cart rate of 23% when utilizing our full suite of product page optimization solutions.

Can’t afford to not do it

Without enhanced content on your product pages, your customers have a higher likelihood of going to other sites to find the information they are looking for. SellPoints product content management solutions allow brands to increase the time consumers spend on their product pages, which increases customer engagement and increases conversion rate. In fact, our solutions are so impactful that our clients’ investment is often paid off in a matter of days. This incremental revenue is backed by real data that we share with our clients on a regular basis.

SellPoints doesn’t only help brands increase product page conversions. We also can help optimize your product pages to increase your marketing ROAS.

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