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SellPoints is an e-commerce optimization platform that enables brands to share their product stories on retail websites through interactive content experiences that engage, inform, and inspire their consumers. By optimizing their product pages with enhanced content, brands are able to achieve a measurable, incremental lift in add-to-cart rates, time on page, and revenue. In addition, SellPoints provides robust data and insights to help our clients make informed business decisions on how to further drive revenue. The results are increased sales and a reduction in costly product returns.

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Incremental Lift comparison | SellPoints

Increase Conversion Rate

In diverse markets across the globe, more and more consumers are relying on the internet to shop. This presents brands with the challenge to represent their products as best as possible on their retail product detail pages. SellPoints product page optimization solutions work with syndication and product information management providers to go beyond simply delivering product information, and give brands more control over their product story. The results is a showroom experience that better educates shoppers, increasing conversions and lifts revenue.

Consumers have a strong desire to educate themselves before making an online purchase. That is why enriching your product pages with enhanced, interactive content experiences such as promotional videos, image galleries, 360 views, and customer reviews is so important. SellPoints enhanced content service platform has been proven to increase add-to-cart rates increase conversion rates and in turn increase the incremental revenue these product pages generate.

SellPoints also provides exclusive reporting and consultations with our Account Strategists that give brands insights to better understand what their customers want and how they can be reached more effectively. To ensure that we are constantly optimizing product page performance, all product pages with Story Points are enabled with a Holdout Test that tracks incremental lift data in real-time. This A/B holdout test is the same as what other e-commerce leaders like eBay and Amazon conduct to improve their shopping experience.

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SellPoints Audiences Media Funnel

Increase ROAS

SellPoints Audiences allows brands to target their digital marketing spend to audiences built using exclusive customer engagement data collected through Story Points hero images.

This last mile connection of the consumer shopping experience is incredibly important because it has the ability to both boost product page performance conversions and increase ROAS. We are strategically positioned to not only unite the marketing and content provisioning strategies so they each drive more value but to do so with a revenue-sharing model the benefits both brands and retailers. It’s a win-win.

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Interactive Accessibility and ADA Compliance | SellPoints

Interactive Accessibility

SellPoints allows brands to optimize their product detail pages through three main solutions:

  • Story Points: hotspot icons overlaid on the hero image of a product page that instantly educate consumers and lock in their attention even before they begin interacting.
  • Enhanced Content: customized, interactive layouts embedded with rich media content below-the-fold of a retail product page that help complete a brand’s product story and build greater customer engagement.
  • Launchers: retailer-specific product page call-to-action buttons that can be used to launch immersive brand experiences, such as product tours, interactive sizing charts and much more.

All of these solutions were built to be accessible to anyone, wherever they browse online content.

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