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SellPoints flagship technology is Story Points. Story Points are interactive hotspots that can be placed over the hero image of a product page. When clicked on, these hotspots open modals that contain important product content including 360° product views, product videos, and slider galleries.

SellPoints story points demonstration in action

graph of time spent on page above the foldAccording to an eye-tracking study conducted by Nielsen, it was found that “57% of users’ viewing time was spent above the fold.” Story Points enhance the most valuable real estate of the product page- above the fold- by providing brands the ability to engage customers, leading to more time on page and an incremental lift in add-to-cart rates.


Not All Product Pages Are Created Equal

Story Points are the most effective interactive content available because they instantly engage customers with hotspots that serve up content above-the-fold where consumers are most likely to see it. The hotspot icons begin telling the product’s story before the interaction even happens, using visual language that educates customers and keeps them on the page longer.

Our e-commerce optimization platform gives brands the freedom to select from an extensive library of icons and place them over the product detail page hero image. Story Points link those hotspots to a brand’s best interactive content experiences to tell a product story that informs, inspires, and engages.

Not a One Size Fits All Solution

Story Points are customizable for individual hero images, allowing brands to optimize the content of each of their SKUs rather than using a one size fits all approach. SellPoints’ e-commerce optimization platform offers an interactive content experience for virtually any kind of rich media content imaginable. Brands can leverage existing creative assets such as videos, images, and more to deliver a more engaging and informative product detail page experience.

Hotspots are all positionally relevant. That means if shoppers see a video icon on a bike seat, they know they’ll see an informational video about the bike seat. There’s no gimmicks and no irrelevant content to overwhelm the viewer.

Story Points Add to Cart | SellPoints

Proven Results

The results speak for themselves. Our testing has shown that, on average, brands with Story Points enabled on their hero images saw a 28% increase in time spent on page and a 13% increase in add-to-cart rate (SellPoints Q2 2019 data). The reason is simple; highly engaging and educational content above the fold accelerates the purchase decision for shoppers.

Story Points not only increase consumer engagement, but the data those interactions generate adds depth to product page analytics that allows us to address these audiences on a more granular level elsewhere on your site. But getting a visitor interested in your product is only half the battle. Research has shown that once a consumer is interested in a product, they scan below the fold for more content.

Read about our Enhanced Content Solution that completes the product story.

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