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Unify your Product Story

SellPoints believes there is currently a gulf between a brand’s retail product pages, and their media buying strategy. Sure, enhancing your product detail page with Story Points drives incremental lift for your add-to-cart rates, but this meaningful data from those customer interactions also represents a unique opportunity to better optimize your programmatic media buying strategy.

How SellPoints Audiences help brands maximize ROAS

SellPoints Audiences represent the last mile connection of the online shopping experience. Uniting the data from Story Points interactions to a brand’s programmatic media buying strategy allows for more accurate targeting of online audiences, increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

SellPoints Audiences also allows brands to tell a unified product story from their display ads to their product pages. Best of all, this solution can be used to target distinct customer segments as well as deliver sequential messaging.

How SellPoints Audiences uses Story Points

With Story Points, brands are able to learn who their most qualified customers are and what content drives the most engagement. This proprietary data is then fed into our programmatic ad buying platform through SellPoints Audiences. The result is the ability to more efficiently deliver hyper-targeted display ads to abandoned site visitors, and find new audiences who look like your best performing customers.

With enough data to optimize campaigns based on a brand’s product page activity, combined with access to a proprietary programmatic trading desk, SellPoints Audiences all brands to unify their ecommerce media strategy in order to maximize conversions.

SellPoints Audiences are available through 2 channels, Premium ReTargeting and Stay in Brands.

Premium Programmatic: Re-Engage shoppers on a whole new level.

SellPoints Audiences Media Funnel

SellPoints Premium Programmatic unlocks a new level of granularity based on data leveraged from Story Points. Build media campaigns based on deep levels of product page engagement, resulting in more efficient conversions and increasing ROAS.

Frequency and Recency: Optimized for Ecommerce

As an ecommerce optimization platform, SellPoints is committed to promoting the best practices specifically for Retail Brands. This means understanding the buying lifecycle of retail customers and configuring our media campaigns specifically for those audiences.

Because retargeted ads for retail brands result in the greatest incremental lift in conversions when they are served 24 hours after a product page has been viewed, SellPoints employs a unique latency configuration that maximizes conversions and ROAS.

Serve Ads while Shoppers are Still in Market

We’ve all been there before; we see an ad for a product, buy it (either online or in a store) and then continue to get bombarded with ads for that same product. From a customer perspective, this is probably the worst thing about retargeted ads.

Clearing cookies, cross device synchronization, and a host of other issues continue to make this a difficult industry challenge. SellPoints Audiences allows brands to better understand when a consumer has purchased a product. This ensures that the viewers who are seeing your retargeted ads are still actually still in-market.

Stay in Brands: Transition consumers instead of losing the sale

Transition consumers to alternative products rather than lose the conversion with Stay in Brands

Transition consumers to alternative products rather than lose the conversion with Stay in Brands

SellPoints believes that the product detail page is a grossly underutilized piece of real estate for brands to engage with consumers who they have invested so much into driving to their product detail page but haven’t been able to convert. Stay in Brand Ads display exclusive in-brand ads for other great products that a customer is looking for. This offers consumers brand variations that they may be more likely to purchase, increasing conversions rather than lose the sale entirely.

In addition, Stay-in-Brands represent a new revenue stream for retailers who are looking to leverage their site traffic in similar ways as Amazon and the other digital retailers. It’s a win-win for both retailers and brands.

Just like with Story Points, SellPoints Audiences conducts A/B tests for each of our clients to continually validate this strategy and prove the incremental lift in ROAS that it generates.

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SellPoints Audiences is a beta-only product at this time, currently available to a restricted set of retailers.

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