SellPoints Launcher for E-Commerce Product Page Optimization

In addition to Story Points and Enhanced Content, SellPoints also offers the option to add unique calls to action on retailer-designated locations on the product detail page through our placement known as the SellPoints Launcher. This is an opportunity to integrate deeply interactive content experiences such as product tours, zip code lookups, sizing estimates, and other customized modules that sets your brand apart from the competition.

How the SellPoints Launcher works

SellPoints’ retail partners designate an area of the product detail page real estate, usually below the hero image, as the placement for the Launcher.

Brands can then create any kind of interactive experience imaginable using our library of rich media content and add it to the Launcher. When users interact with that space, often by clicking a button, the consumer sees and interacts with the brand’s content in an interactive modal window.

Popular uses of the SellPoints Launcher

The SellPoints Launcher is most often used to activate a modal that has a tabbed menu bar, which brands can use to build a multi-page experience that serves as a comprehensive tour of a product’s main features. However, the Launcher can be used to build nearly any kind of interactive experience including:

  • Product demonstration videos
  • Measurement inputs for sizing
  • In-stock availability & delivery estimates
  • Augmented reality product placement
  • Consumer reviews
  • 360 tours

SellPoints Launcher- a unique way to speak to consumers

For some retailers, the Launcher is the only place for brands to integrate their custom content experiences into their product pages. In those instances, the SellPoints Launcher is an incredibly important content experience that helps inform shoppers and puts brands head and shoulders above the competition.

For retailers that allow enhanced interactive content throughout their product pages, the Launcher provides yet another unique interactive opportunity to reach shoppers. In these cases, the Launcher can be used in combination with Story Points and Enhanced Content to complete the product story and close the discovery gap so more potential customers are moved to purchase.

Many shoppers, especially for retail products, electronics, or high-priced items, won’t finalize an online purchase without feeling confident that a product is right for them. The SellPoints Launcher lets brands build a customized product page experience that shares highly relevant product information with shoppers so they may find the right product for their needs.

Learn more about the different creative experiences that can be used in all of our interactive content placements.

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