SellPoints Enhanced Content Helps Brands Stand Out From the Crowd

In a crowded e-commerce market, it’s impossible to tell a compelling product story with clunky content management tools that are difficult to use and don’t show products in the best light. SellPoints’ Enhanced Content creates optimized pages that make products rock stars.

What is Enhanced Brand Content?

SellPoints Enhanced Content creates a rich consumer experience on product detail pages with in-line interactive content experiences.

Nielsen found that once users scan the top of a page they scroll below the fold to see secondary, related information before completing their purchase. By placing deeply informative Enhanced Content that completes the product story below the fold, brands can close the deal with consumers who are primed to buy.

How Enhanced Brand Content Helps Close the Deal

Enhanced brand content below the fold empowers shoppers to make more informed decisions and reduces their hesitation to make a big ticket purchase. Serving detailed information upfront, on the product detail page, results in increased sales and a reduction in costly product returns.

Why Use Enhanced Brand Content?

Deep integration with retailer pages

Brands and retailers invest huge amounts to drive consumers to their product detail pages, but invest far less in optimizing those pages. Brands can’t drop the ball at the most important part of the sales journey: the product detail page where conversions take place.

Top brands have ample educational content on their product detail pages and consumers expect to be able to answer common product questions without navigating from the point of sale. If brands don’t offer this kind of content that answers consumer questions on product detail pages, they are forced to look elsewhere for those answers and ultimately, purchase elsewhere.

With SellPoints Enhanced Content brands can easily deliver rich media assets in one place and serve it up to consumers where they need it: when evaluating a product. SellPoints give retailers the controls they need to ensure product pages are optimized and uniform. Our technology is embedded on the retailer website and automatically styled to their specifications.

Interactive content experiences, the building blocks of great product pages

Enhanced brand content allow brands to close the product discovery gap with in-line interactive content experiences including high-resolution retail images and videos, media galleries, 360º views, customer reviews, product comparison charts, and more. Shoppers can learn everything they want to know about a product through these highly engaging content experiences.

Learn more about the different creative experiences that can be used in all of our interactive content placements.

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