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SellPoints is an e-Commerce optimization platform that provides a showroom experience to customers in a digital environment. We offer a range of product page optimization solutions that allow brands to tell an engaging product story on retailer websites. Our content solutions live on different parts of the product page to give brands more ways to connect with their customers.

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Story Points for Hero Images

Product content is only valuable if customers see it. Story Points allow brands to overlay interactive hotspots on the most visible part of the product detail page, the hero image. When these hotspots are clicked upon, they open modals that contain key product content such as demonstration videos, 360 views, feature charts, and much more. Story Points have been proven to generate significant incremental lift in add-to-cart rates and time on page.

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Enhanced Content for Below the Fold

While Story Points excites and engages at the first point of contact, below the fold experiences allow brands to complete the detail of their product story. Enhanced Brand Content arms brands with the toolset to answer any lingering questions before the discerning customer makes a purchase decision.

Enhanced Content: Inform shoppers at the critical point of purchase

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Launcher- Engage Customers with a Custom Experience

SellPoints Launcher offers the option to add unique calls to action on retailer-designated locations of the product detail page outside of the hero image. SellPoints works with our retail partners to give brands the option to serve up content in a unique, retailer-specified portion of the product detail page, often below the hero image. This additional placement is the result of our strong partnerships and deep integration with retailer sites. Launcher’s product page optimization allows brands to integrate deeply interactive content experiences such as Product Tours. By layering in rich online shopping experiences, brands can make that final push to inspire shoppers to add to cart.

Launcher: Inspire shoppers to add to cart with product page optimization

SellPoints Audiences | Personalized Solutions

SellPoints Audiences

SellPoints Audiences represents the last mile connection of the online shopping experience. By collecting the data from Story Points interactions and uniting it with 3rd party programmatic targeting, brands are able to more accurately target online audiences and extend the value of their enhanced content to increase the ROAS of their media spend.

SellPoints Audiences: Make the last mile connection