The Walmart Partnership: delivering results and serving customers

The SellPoints retail marketing partnership with Walmart helps the largest retailer in the world in its commitment to delivering results and serving customers. SellPoints is designed to serve consumers by answering their top questions with enhanced content, and delivers results to retail partners through clear reporting and measurable conversion lift.

Get Started with SellPoints
Example of an appliance product detail page from the Walmart partnership, showing interactive Story Points hotspots.

Story Points hotspots on the Walmart product hero image are more than a great shopping experience, they also generate incremental lift in a key metric: add to cart rates. Our clients enjoy an average cart rate boost of 32%. We don’t simply believe our retail marketing services make for better shopping, we constantly measure our contribution to the buying funnel and share these results with our clients. Incremental lift in add to cart rates is one of the many key metrics our brand and retail partners get with our e-commerce reporting within the SellPoints retail brand marketing platform.

This commitment to results and serving customers educational product content is a big reason why the Walmart partnership is among our strongest retail partnerships. The SellPoints retail content management system allows our brand clients to enhance product detail pages, increase the value of customer journeys to those product pages, and lift key metrics regarding shopping behavior. This means more sales for both brand and retailer and comes at no incremental cost to Walmart.

Get Your Own Incremental Lift

If you are a brand that wants the same kind of lift through SellPoints retail marketing services and technology platform, it’s easy to get started. Contact your retail buyer or category managers at Walmart, and our dedicated Account Strategist team will work with you for a successful launch. Brand managers with product pages going live on can also contact SellPoints directly for a quick setup. Thanks to our Walmart partnership, our technology is already on the Walmart website, so our retail sales marketing solution is just waiting for your winning content.