The Office Depot Partnership: Tools for Growth

Our Office Depot partnership supports the company’s mission of offering customers the tools and resources they need to focus on growing and running their businesses. SellPoints supports this mission through our retail marketing services and interactive content. When a shopper has questions about a product, our interactive hotspots give answers, so they can complete checkout and get back to business.

Get Started with SellPoints
Example of an electronics product detail page from the Office Depot partnership, showing interactive Story Points hotspots and video overlay

Story Points hotspots on the Office Depot product hero image are more than a great shopping experience. The rich content, including close-up images and video, also deliver on a key measure for retail marketing: time on page. Video content on the product page increase purchase by nearly 1.5 times. Brand and retail partners can measure interaction with videos and other content using our e-commerce reporting within the SellPoints retail brand marketing platform.

Our shared commitment to serving the customer is at the heart of the Office Depot partnership. The retailer creates a great place for customers to find products for their business or small office, and SellPoints provides the retail content management system that allows brands to enhance the individual product detail pages. The result is a consistent boost in key metrics such as time on page, because it lets each brand deliver an experience that engages and informs the specific consumer who needs that product.

Upgrade Your Retail Sales Marketing on Office Depot

Are you selling on Office Depot? SellPoints can make your retail marketing efforts more successful.

  • Category managers at Office Depot can contact SellPoints when you have new brands selling on the retail site, and our dedicated customer success team will work with them for a successful launch.
  • Brand managers with product pages on can contact SellPoints directly for a quick setup.

Our solutions are already in place on the Office Depot website through our Office Depot partnership, so our retail sales marketing service is just waiting for your winning content.