The Lowe's Partnership: Retail Marketing Made Easy

The SellPoints retail marketing partnership with Lowe's creates a huge opportunity for the brands who sell there. If you’re new to selling on Lowe's our templates help you meet the requirements for A+ page content on the product detail page the first time. If you’re just adding new products, the SellPoints retail content management system helps you make your updates quickly, so you can enhance product detail pages, increase the value of customer journeys to those product pages, and get insightful reporting. It means more sales for both brand and retailer, and comes at no incremental cost to Lowe's.

Get Started with SellPoints
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Enhanced Content on the Lowe’s A+ page is more than a great way to put key product details in a consistent, attractive layout. The template approach makes it easy to add appealing content like product videos, which increase purchase by nearly 1.5 times. Brand and retail partners can measure interaction with videos and other content using our e-commerce reporting within the SellPoints retail brand marketing platform.

Upgrade Your Retail Sales Marketing on Lowe’s

If you want the same ease of publishing through SellPoints retail marketing services and technology platform, it’s easy to get started. Category managers at Lowe’s can contact us when you have new brands selling on the retail site, and our dedicated customer success team will work with them for a successful launch. Brand managers with product pages going live on Lowe’s can contact SellPoints directly for a quick setup. Thanks to our Lowe’s partnership, our technology is already on the Lowe’s website, so our retail sales marketing solution is just waiting for your winning content.