Why do you need SellPoints on your Costco Product Pages?

SellPoints can significantly improve conversion rates for Costco brands with our product page optimization solutions. We deliver this opportunity through a combination of our two solutions, Story Points and Enhanced Content. The results speak for themselves. Our testing has shown that, on average, brands with Story Points enabled on their hero images saw a 28% increase in time spent on page and a 24% increase in add-to-cart rates. For many brands, this means that the investment in SellPoints pays for itself in a matter of days.

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Example of an appliance product detail page from the Costco partnership, showing interactive Story Points hotspots.

What Does SellPoints Do?

SellPoints is an ecommerce optimization platform that allows Costco brands to customize their product pages with the information members need to make an educated buying decision. Together, we have been able to increase product sales conversion rates as well as decrease return rates. SellPoints flagship technology, Story Points, are interactive hotspots that overlay on top of the hero image on a Costco product detail page. Brands can then link those hotspots to their best interactive content experiences, such a product photos, videos, comparison charts, and more!

Costco Jury Coffee Machine | SellPoints

Story Points

Story Points are interactive hot spots that allow brands to call out key features on their product’s hero image, providing a showroom experience where consumers are most likely to see it. According to an eye-tracking study conducted by Nielsen, it was found that “57% of users’ viewing time was spent above the fold.

Story Points enable the most valuable real estate of the product detail page, above the fold where customers eyes engage the most. When these Story Points icons are clicked on, it opens up key features including 360° product views, product videos, and slider galleries.

Enhanced Content

SellPoints’ Enhanced Content solution places in-depth content below-the-fold that empowers shoppers to make more informed decisions and reduces their hesitation to make a purchase. Brands can choose from a variety of content experiences similar to what is offered in Story Points, with the addition of product comparisons and guided product tours. This additional information is used to complete the product story that was first introduced within the Story Points.

Enhanced Content completes the product story below the fold, resulting in increased sales and a reduction in costly product returns.

Results You Can Measure

All SellPoints pages come with exclusive reporting that provides robust insights such as:

– Total Visitors
– Time on Page Rates
– Shopper Engagement Rates

What Doesn’t SellPoints Do?

SellPoints is an overlay solution that enhances your product page with interactive content experiences. SellPoints doesn’t control the hero image on Costco product pages, nor does it control the displayed product information such as the listed price. Brands only manage the content that appears inside the Story Point “hotspots”, or in designated areas below the fold, through SellPoints. For issues related to your hero image or other parts of your product page, please reach out to your Costco point of contact.


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