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Working with our large network of e-tailers, Sellpoints brings over 15 years of trailblazing expertise to the eCommerce space. Utilizing its proprietary technology, Sellpoints partners with premier online retailers to provide brands innovative solutions and platforms that help drive traffic, increase engagement, and increase conversions.

Through partnerships with Sellpoints, major eCommerce sites gain access to premier technology solutions and programs, which seamlessly integrate onto their sites. These partnerships allow Sellpoints to help Brands turn shoppers into buyers.

Interactive Image

Interactive Image

Google PLA

Google PLA


Interactive Images

Sellpoints’ proprietary Interactive Image (i2) technology enables brands to deliver pertinent product information to point out key “WOW” features across our retail network. What makes this technology so effective is where it lives: above the fold.

The Norman Nielson group reported, “Web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold (the initial page load).” Utilizing this knowledge and insight, Sellpoints partners with online retailers to provide this engaging, interactive technology right where shoppers are guaranteed to see and interact with it, helping to increase sales.


Interactive Images come with three different reports that give Brands data and insight into engagement and traffic for the product pages where the Interactive Images live. Brands will be able to see a variety of metrics such as visits, uniques, time on page, and engagement by asset type. Our unique video report give Brands the amount of visitors who load a product’s video to how many views the video receives. These reports help Brands and their marketing teams determine which assets are most effective and where to focus their marketing efforts.

i2 Reporting DataBut don’t take our word for it. Let the data speaks for itself:

Office Depot i2 Case Study (final)    Walmart Case Study    Walmart Case Study Branded    Microsoft i2 Case Study

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Google Product Listing Ads

Sellpoints has partnered with top retailers to deliver the highest possible ROI for brands using Google Shopping (PLA).

For the first time ever, advertise your retailer-specific products on Google Shopping and send shoppers directly to your retailer’s product page.

Highlight features of this program include:

• Incremental brand visibility on Google Search results pages
• Unique opportunity to direct PLA traffic directly to your retailer
• Outbid competition for potential sale across all your product categories
• Better conversion metrics than industry averages on PLA managed by Sellpoints
• Detailed reporting and customer data updates


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