The Costco Partnership: a Key Measure

The SellPoints retail marketing partnership with Costco is a win for the recognized leader in membership warehouse retail, as well as the brands who sell there. It’s a big reason why the Costco partnership is one of our strongest retail partnerships. The SellPoints retail content management system allows those brands to enhance product detail pages, increase the value of customer journeys to those product pages, and generate incremental lift in key metrics for shopping behavior. This means more sales for both brand and retailer, and comes at no incremental cost to Costco.

Get Started with SellPoints
Example of an appliance product detail page from the Costco partnership, showing interactive Story Points hotspots.

Story Points hotspots on the Costco product hero image are more than a great shopping experience, they also generate incremental lift in a key metric: add to cart rates. E-commerce reporting shows time spent on product pages with SellPoints content increases by an average of 28%. That’s 28% more time to make a great impression with consumers and 28% more time for a conversion to take place. This is one of the many key metrics our brand and retail partners see in the e-commerce reporting within the SellPoints retail brand marketing platform.

Get Your Own Incremental Lift

If you want the same kind of lift through SellPoints retail marketing services and technology platform, it’s easy to get started. Retail buyers or category managers at Costco contact us when new brands begin selling on the retail site, and our dedicated Account Strategist team will work with them for a successful launch. Brand managers with product pages going live on Costco can contact SellPoints directly for a quick setup. Thanks to our Costco partnership, our technology is already on the Costco website, so our retail sales marketing solution is just waiting for your winning content.