Google Product Listing Ads

Google Product Listing ads, often described as Google Shopping, are cost per click ads that run through Adwords which appear on Google search result pages. Through our partnerships with the largest eCommerce website in the world, Sellpoints offers a unique Google Product Listing Ads (Google PLA) opportunity found nowhere else. For the first time ever, brands can advertise their retailer specifics products on Google Shopping through the retailers Adwords Account, sending shoppers directly to their product page.

google product listing ads

Sellpoints Product Listing Ad Campaigns provide:

  • Incremental brand visibility on Google Search results pages
  • Unique opportunity to direct PLA traffic directly to your retailer
  • Outbid competition for potential sale across all your product categories
  • Better conversion metrics than industry averages on PLA managed by Sellpoints
  • Detailed reporting and customer data updates

Getting Started with Google Product Listing Ads

Easy Sign-Up Process. Decide on your products to your your Sellpoints PLA program. No contract. We will agree on media spend and test with one product (SKU). We will continue only if program shows results!

Pay for Performance. Pay ONLY when someone clicks the ad. Impressions and brand awareness come FREE. Sellpoints will manage the program to achieve your goals.

Get Results. Bi weekly reporting and meetings to discuss program performance and trends. Continue to run program, stop activity, or double down and get more aggressive based on your results, business objectives, and competitive landscape!