Retail Marketing Solutions / OMNI

Working with our large network of e-tailers, Sellpoints brings over 15 years of trailblazing expertise to the eCommerce space. Utilizing its proprietary technology, Sellpoints partners with premier online e-tailers to provide brands innovative retail marketing solutions and platforms that help drive traffic, increase engagement, and increase conversions.

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Why You Need Retail Marketing and Content Syndication

Through partnerships with Sellpoints, major eCommerce sites gain access to premier technology solutions and programs, which seamlessly integrate onto their sites. These partnerships allow Sellpoints to help Brands turn shoppers into buyers.

Using OMNI, Sellpoints’ innovative technology platform, brands are able to deliver consistent product marketing and branding across our established, ever growing online retail network. Omni allows you to easily create engaging product experiences while providing a consolidated eCommerce platform to build, manage, and measure the success of your product content across all of your sales channels.

Our Services

Learn more about each of our retail marketing services below:

Interactive Images

Sellpoints’ proprietary Interactive Image (i2) technology enables brands to deliver pertinent product information to point out key “WOW” features across our retail network. READ MORE…

Google Product Listing Ads (PLA)

Sellpoints has partnered with top retailers to deliver the highest possible ROI for brands using Google Shopping (PLA). For the first time ever, advertise your retailer-specific products on Google Shopping and send shoppers directly to your retailer’s product page. READ MORE…

Content Syndication Solutions: ACP/APT

Syndication is the process of simultaneously pushing out a brand’s product marketing content (videos, images, PDFs, text, etc.) onto their product detail pages on third-party retailer sites. With our Active Product Tours™ (APT) and Active Content Pages (ACP), showcase the best detailed content to your buyers to keep them engaged and to also drive sales! READ MORE…


Sellpoints brings shoppers directly to your product pages by analyzing consumer behavior from retailer partner sites, isolating the in-market shoppers, and delivering ads across the web. We analyze site-wide traffic on retailer partner sites, and pick up signals to identify in-market consumers based on their on-site behavior. Our data science team and proprietary algorithms will analyze trends to identify in-market shoppers who resemble the audience for a group of products, but have not yet displayed an intent to purchase. READ MORE…