Premarketing Services

Premarketing is a display advertising solution that allows brands to target in-market shoppers before they have shown an intent to purchase. 

What is Premarketing?

By analyzing site-wide traffic on our retailer partner sites, our data science team and proprietary algorithms analyze trends and pick up signals to identify in-market consumers based on their on-site behavior.  Leveraging Dynamic Creative Optimization, Sellpoints then displays the best products within a brand to drive qualified traffic back to your product pages and convert browsers to buyers.

How Premarketing Works

Premarketing processIdentify Sales Patterns

Behavioral data from hundreds of millions of site interactions each day are analyzed and used to identify browsing/ purchasing patterns.

Find & Qualify Buyers

The data Sellpoints gathers is then leveraged to create an audience model for your brand or product and find those user segments we predict to be in-market.

Advertise & Sell

Display advertising is used to advertise to these user segments across the open web and drive incremental traffic and sales on your product pages.

Why You Need Premarketing 

This cost-effective marketing tactic is proven to not only increase revenue on specific SKUs, but also drive ancillary revenue in adjacent categories. 

Premarketing Case Study: Office Depot

Office Depot worked with Sellpoints to launch an advanced marketing program, focused on driving traffic and revenue on  Our Premarketing process has delivered impressive results since its launch with Office Depot.  Office Depot has seen a revenue impact of 14% YOY, a 13% net lift in sales YOY, and an overall ROI of 15:1. These positive results apply to all Office Depot chair products, even the ones Sellpoints wasn’t directly advertising.

premarketing stats


Ready to Drive More Sales to Your Site?

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