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What if you knew the ecommerce best practices that would generate conversion lift numbers like these?

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E-commerce best practices deliver 28% boost to time spent on product pages and 24% increase in add-to-cart rate | SellPoints

SellPoints ecommerce optimization solution delivers interactive hotspots on your hero image, that tell your product story the moment the consumer lands on your product detail page.

Example image of binoculars with interactive hotspots on the hero image, that tell the product story the moment the consumer lands on the product detail page.

57% of consumer engagement is above-the-fold, where SellPoints highlights your product story. And product page performance testing across our retailer and brand network shows a consistent 24% incremental lift in add to cart rates, and 28% increase in consumer time on the page. If you want to enhance your product pages, contact us today by filling out the form to the rightof this page.

Here are some ecommerce best practices from some of our best-performing brand optimization clients.

Does your hero image tell an engaging product story?

Our ecommerce best practices come from analyzing top performers and the great stories they tell. We have more specific tips for each product category, like patio brand optimization, appliances, any many more. But as a general introduction, here are some proven ideas to optimize your product page performance in any category:

Location, location, location

Place your hotspots on a particular part of your product hero image, an option you’ll only get on the SellPoints platform. It’s a deal maker when consumers find answers right on the area they’re curious about, and you’ll see it in conversion lift. For your more general content, like a video overview or a user manual, corner placement has the best results.

Exciting videos

Focus on what makes your product stand out, like ease of use or your most innovative features. Hold attention with shorter, 1-2 minute introductory videos and “quick guides” that answer questions but encourage consumers to read more on your product detail page. Show your product being enjoyed by consumers at home, or highlight the great things you can do with it. And always use subtitles so consumers are engaged if they watch without sound.

Example digital camera product videos answer questions but encourage consumers to read more on your product detail page | SellPoints

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Electronics example of a TV with Photocaptions to highlight additional attributes not shown in product videos. These are close-up images and a short caption that boost product page performance by helping consumers understand the unique value of your product | SellPoints

One of our simplest ecommerce best practices is to use Photocaptions to highlight additional specs or attributes not shown in your videos. These are close-up images and a short caption that boost product page performance by helping consumers understand the unique value of your product. And they’re really easy to make, with product close-up images your marketing team already has.

Dimensions and sizing

For appliances and furniture brand optimization, whether the product is the right fit for a home is very important. Include 360° views and clear product measurements so consumers can evaluate sizing and imagine the product in their home. It’s essential to make up for not being in-store, and brings significant incremental lift to your product page performance.

Example of a kitchen vent hood showing detailed measurements to bring incremental lift to product page performance | SellPoints

Be Friendly – Mobile Friendly

All of our enhanced content solutions are built as mobile-first responsive products that are natively adaptive to all screens and audiences. This means that no matter the platform, consumers are guaranteed to have an ideal shopping experience.

One of the simplest but most critical ecommerce best practices is to avoid large, action packed infographics with too much information. These just won’t look good downscaled to mobile screens. Use Photocaptions, our flexible pairs of images and text, to highlight your most compelling features, and they will deliver the product page performance on mobile too.

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