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Digital Marketing Solutions

At Sellpoints, our digital marketing solutions serve as a form of customer acquisition that utilize digital marketing techniques, combined with proprietary technology and analytics. This helps companies to elevate site ranking and awareness, drive site traffic, and optimize conversion rates.

We focus, optimize, and report on quantitative and qualitative data to hit business objectives. Our customer-centric model lets our clients see us as an extension of their teams, working towards a common goal.

Search Engine Optimization

     Paid Media

Conversion Optimization

Amazon Services

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO process covers everything an online business would want and needs, from technical analysis, to content marketing and social media promotion.

We run a comprehensive website audit and look for over 100 SEO-impacting checkpoints to improve ranking, traffic, audience, and brand awareness. We identify top keyword and content opportunities, then our team creates high-quality, unique content to share with all relevant communities and the top authorities in your niche.

We are fully transparent with our approach and results, so you’re never left wondering what’s working to move the needle for your business.

Search Engine Optimization services include:

• Website Technical Audit
• Keyword & Content Targeting Research
• Page Optimization
• Local Search Optimization
• International Optimization
• Penalty Prevention, Removal, & Recovery
• Link Acquisition & Outreach
• Customized Performance Reports & Dashboards

Leveraging SEO and PR strategies, our process also includes a proven content marketing strategy that involves creating and promoting premium optimized content that organically acquires backlinks, social shares, and sustained traffic to drive brand awareness and leads for your business:

• Content Strategy & Planning
• Competitor Content Analysis
• Premium Visual Content & Graphics
• Premium Blog & Website Content Creation
• Influencer Marketing & Outreach
• Blog Audience Building
• Competitor Content Backlink Research & Acquisition

CASE STUDY: Neato Robotics was having challenges getting exposure and brand awareness for their line of award winning robot vacuums. They partnered with Sellpoints to solve this issue. Sellpoints assessed their site and began immediately on content marketing.

Results: After the first year of their partnership with Sellpoints, organic traffic to the Neato Robotics website increased by +47.95% from 2014 to 2015. In addition, the lift in organic traffic was responsible for 80% of the site’s overall traffic increase.


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Paid Media

Sellpoints offers a Google-Certified, data-driven marketing agency with proven success in paid acquisition channels. We provide thought leadership, management, and execution expertise in Paid Search, Shopping (PLA), Display, Paid Social, Retargeting, and Pre-marketing, among others.

Paid Media services include:

• Develop paid strategy to accomplish marketing goals
• Build out paid search, shopping, display, social and remarketing campaigns per client strategy and goals
• Optimization of campaigns, keywords, products and audiences
• Ad copy adjustments in response to client promotional events and/or performance

CASE STUDY: Sellpoints doubled CTR for Link Interactive from July to December (.25% in July to .5% in December) by managing their branded search campaign. Our team also drove impression share from 61% in August to 88% in December by expanding on their existing set of keywords.


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Conversion Rate Optimization

Working with over 200 of the world’s biggest online retailers, Sellpoints is the authority in customer acquisition, and we apply this expertise to test and optimize your webpages. Our Conversion Rate Optimization experts begin by collecting qualitative and quantitative data to get advanced hypotheses to test. We combine this with our industry proven knowledge to test your site and improve sales in a meaningful way.

We use qualitative and quantitative tools to learn more about how your customers think, and then use what we learn the reasons why people abandon your pages, or leave the site without buying.

To learn why your customers behave the way they do, our team uses analytics to identify your site’s users behaviors and measure how we’ve affected them. We use surveys in context on your webpage, as a potential customer is deciding whether or not they want to buy, to learn what might be holding them back, or what different options they are considering.

Conversion Rate Optimization services include:

• Surveys
• Competitive Analysis
• Polling
• Heatmaps

CASE STUDY: Movavi partnered with Sellpoints to perform three different A/B tests.

Results: These tests took a month to complete and resulted in a 5.5% increase in conversion rates, and a 22% increase in revenue per visitor.

CASE STUDY: Learn How To Become hired Sellpoints to analyze how users interact with their web pages, and optimize their conversion rates on third-party advertisements to maximize potential revenue.

Results: Sellpoints’ efforts increased the size of Learn How To Become’s revenue by 48%

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Amazon Services

Sellpoints will optimize your Amazon account from A – Z.  We leverage our years of Amazon and e -commerce experience to optimize everything from driving traffic, on page conversion, and interaction and negotiation with your buyer, then we follow up with reporting on all of it!


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