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Why Work with SellPoints

SellPoints is an ecommerce optimization platform that allows Costco brands to customize their product pages with the information members need to make an educated buying decision. We increase product sales conversion rates as well as decrease return rates through a combination of our two solutions, Story Points and Enhanced Content.

Story Points

According to CrazyEgg, you only have about 15 seconds to capture a user’s attention before they abandon your page. And according to an eye-tracking study conducted by Nielsen, it was found that “57% of users’ viewing time was spent above the fold.” 

Costco Aquaterra | Story Points by SellPoints

Story Points hotspots appear on the most valuable real estate of the product detail page, the hero image. When clicked on, these hotspots open 360° product views, product videos, and photo galleries that engage shoppers with your key selling product features.

Story Points  enable brands to differentiate their product page and nail the first impression with shoppers.

The results speak for themselves. Our testing has shown that, on average, brands with Story Points enabled on their hero images see a 28% increase in time spent on page and a 24% increase in add-to-cart rates. For many brands, this means that the investment in SellPoints pays for itself in a matter of days.

Enhanced Content

Lack of product information is one of the top reasons that shoppers abandon a product page.

Costco Aquaterra | Enhanced Content by SellPoints

SellPoints’ Enhanced Content solution places in-depth content below-the-fold that empowers shoppers to make more informed decisions. Brands can choose from a variety of content experiences including 360° views, photo galleries, videos, product comparisons, and guided product tours. This additional information reduces shopper hesitation and completes the product story.

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