August 6, 2019

Product Page Optimization Strategies That Actually Work

Did you know that nearly 70% of consumers abandon product pages because of lack of product content? This is supported by another Study conducted by the National Retail Federal which sites that shoppers find online research of features and reviews to be the most frustrating stage of online shopping.

Cart Abandonment Reasons | SellPoints

When it comes to online retail, brands face additional challenges. For one, there are limitations on what kind of content is accepted in content syndication. More pressing than that though, is the fact that the retailer controls the product page layout, which makes it challenging to highlight unique value propositions.

To understand how brands can combat these challenges, we sat down with the GM at SellPoints, Sean Simon and discussed product page optimization strategies that brands can enable to increase shopper engagement and inspire a purchase. 

Our webinar covered the following topics:

1 | Consumer Shopping Behaviors

We discuss how customer expectations have evolved when making purchase decisions online.

2 | The Next Stage of eCommerce Optimization

Solutions that brands are using to address consumer frustrations.

3 | Product Page Optimization Best Practices

We discussed product page optimization strategies including:

  • What kind of images are useful to include
  • When to use 360° views
  • The optimal length for product videos
  • How to build shopper confidence through reviews

4 | Proving it with Incremental Lift

We showcase results of how optimized product pages have performed after enabling Story Points. We break out the results by category, and calculate the incremental lift generated in add-to-cart rates and time on page. 

5 | New Reports

Our new suite of reports unleash insights brands can use to optimize their content, hotspot placements, monitor version changes, and more.

Product Performance Report | SellPointsProduct Performance Report – a high-level overview of visitor shopping behavior and share that knowledge with executive stakeholders.



Story Points Lift Report | SellPointsStory Points Lift Report – allows brands to measure the difference in Add-to-Cart rates between when Story Points is enabled and when it isn’t.



Story Points Engagement Report | SellPointsEngagement Report – enables brands to drill into how visitor interactions with hotspots impact shopping behavior.



Story Points Attribution Report | SellPointsAttribution Report – understand what type of content has the greatest impact on customers.



Story Points Optimization Report | SellPointsOptimization Report – allows brands to make version changes to their experience and see the effect of changes made from one version to the next.



Watch the recording of our full session below.

Download our Webinar deck here.

Download our Story Points Best Practices Guide here.

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