June 17, 2015

Top 5 SEO Extensions for Chrome

In the world of SEO, specialists use a wide spectrum of tools on a daily basis. Some great tools that shouldn’t be overlooked are extension plugins for browsers. Extensions are generally free and allow SEO agents to effectively and efficiently find out information about a website or webpage. Here are some of my favorite SEO Chrome extensions that I would recommend for every SEO analyst.

SEO Chrome Extensions

SEO Quake  Open SEO Stats Web Developer Ahrefs Tool Bar

    1. SEOquake

      One of the most popular SEO plugins, SEOquake displays valuable information such as Google PageRank, meta tag diagnosis, index statistics, link analysis, and many more SEO parameters. These parameters can also be seen for each result listed on SERPs. This tool is extremely helpful for the initial diagnosis of a webpage’s health which is why we chose this as our number one recommended browser extension tool.

    2. MozBar

      As one of the main SEO resources on the internet, you can only expect the MozBar to live up to its mother site. The MozBar provides valuable information about the link profile of a website in addition to other metrics such as domain authority, HTTP status codes, social metrics, and on page elements. On SERPs, the MozBar also displays keyword-ranking difficulty along with an overview of the link profile for each result listed.

    3. Open SEO Stats

      Fomerly known as PageRank Status, Open SEO Stats is one of the most highly rated SEO extensions in the Google Chrome web store. This tool allows users to easily access a wide range of SEO stats and metrics including its Alexa rank, Google pagerank, traffic stats, page speed, social metrics, backlink analyses, and much more. It is truly a tool that many analysts cannot live without.

    4. Web Developer

      Web Developer was not developed specifically for SEO, but we wanted to include this extension because it is an absolutely useful tool for conducting SEO technical site audits. Web Developer is extremely useful for disabling Javascript on a site to test the crawlability of a website. It also displays on page HTML attributes. Similar to the other tools, Web Developer includes both external and internal link analyses.

    5. Ahrefs Tool Bar

      You may already know of ahrefs as a very popular website tool for analyzing backlinks of a domain or URL. What you may not know is that they have a free plugin that can do the same. The ahrefs tool bar displays not only a thorough backlink and social media presence analysis of a webpage, but also the overall domain’s. This can be especially useful while investigating the shareability of a page and its content. In addition, this extension also includes information about on page elements such as the character length of meta tags.

We know there are plenty of other SEO extensions out there, these are just 5 of our favorites. Let us know what other extensions you recommend!

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