July 28, 2014

Three Essential SEO Reports Made with SEMRush

SEO Reports Made With SEMRush

SEMRush is one of my favorite SEO tools, and it’s largely underrated by many agencies. Below, I’ve outlined three easy reports you can pull with SEMRush as well as a detailed guide on how to apply these reports to make an impact. For these examples, I’ve used mead.com.

Full Disclosure: Mead is not a customer of SellPoints, just a good example website.



Creating a branded ranking report is a great way to get a quick win for a new client.  You can show them all of their branded rankings, and identify any keywords that they aren’t ranking #1 for.

Creating the Branded Ranking Report

First type your domain into SEMRush:

Then go to top keywords and click “View Full Report”

This will show you a report of all keywords and ranks SEMRush sees for your site. Create a filter for branded keywords.

Next, export to excel.

The reason this must be done in excel, is that in SEMRush it will give you all of the ranks for a site, which may include duplicates. If you rank two times for a word, but filter for ranks above #3, you may still rank #1 and #4.

In excel, filter by keyword rank, then go to data and de duplicate on keyword column.

Now, sort by position from Z to A, and you will have a list of branded keywords that you do not rank #1 for! With a strong brand, it should be easy to rank for these keywords by simply identifying what other content is ranking.  More often than not, it is just a lack of targeting or pages. It’s easy to capture this low hanging fruit with some small tweaks!


Ever done keyword research for a site? Takes forever, right? Why not just leverage the research that other sites have already done?  Here’s how:

Go to the “Overview” tab and click “View Full Report” on Main Competitors. This gives you the competitors that share the most search terms with you. You can use these competitors or add others whose keywords are a better fit to your site.

Go to the header and mouseover “tools” and click “domain vs domain.”

Enter your competitors and click “All Keywords” for all of them. *This can give you a long keyword list, so you may want to start with a single competitor site.*

Next, export this report and begin sorting.

I recommend first filtering keywords by brand so you can parse the list down.  Secondly, get rid of low search volume, and remove any ranks for your own site that you don’t want.

Then, begin categorizing the words. I typically categorize keywords by article, page, or category and add others as needed.

Once you complete this process, you can repeat it until there is a huge list of keywords and content categories for the rest of your campaign.



This technique is similar to the above Domain vs Domain report, however it is more granular.

Use a tool like the Moz toolbar to look through keywords that are highly relevant to your domain but you don’t currently rank for. Finding a website that is ranking on the first page with a lower domain authority than your site is a good starting point.

Once you’ve identified a competitor site, put that domain and your own into the domain vs domain tool and once again run it for all keywords. Identify the keywords that you’re being outranked for by the weaker domain, and develop a strategy to match or beat their content and links. Given your site authority, you should outrank them.

Use SEMRush to build a list of keywords that your competitors are outranking you on. You can identify the page your competitor has ranking for a specific keyword and see what makes it better than yours, both in backlink profile to the page and in content. Make a stronger piece of content, either by adding images, video, or text, and you can match or beat the backlink profile. This will give you immediate opportunities to rank for their content.

These are a few of my favorite quick reports you can develop using SEMRush. Do you have some great reports that you think should be in this list or a future one? Tell us in the comments below!

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