April 1, 2014

The Next Phase in Online Sales

Changing Online Sales

The way people shop is changing. Plain and simple.

Consumers used to visit their local, family-owned business to fulfill all of their shopping needs. This was a personal, high-touch experience, but with the proliferation of big box stores and the growth of online retail, the paradigm has shifted.

In the 4th quarter of 2013, e-commerce sales accounted for 6% of total retail sales, nearly $70 billion. Consumers enjoy the online shopping experience for its accessibility, however they maintain the same high expectations of service that they get in your brick and mortar locations.

Delivering a consultative online sales experience can be a struggle. It’s a lot to ask a browser to read long product descriptions and specs, but providing rich media content gives the browser relevant information in a consumable format. After analyzing consumer behavior for over 12 years, we’ve learned that browsing turns into buying after 120 seconds of engaging with your rich media content.

It’s with this in mind that we developed interactive images (i2), which feature 360º product tours, sales videos, product selling sheets, and key feature callouts inside the product hero image. i2s walk consumers through your product benefits to deliver the same in-store experience they’ve grown to expect online.

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