August 14, 2015


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Google-Twitter Relationship Continues to Keep Us on Our Toes

Earlier this week, SellPoints’ SEO Expert, Joanne Yuen, wrote an in depth article, How to Optimize Your Twitter for SEO, explaining the latest Google-Twitter data sharing agreement and what you can do to stay ahead of this ball.

Since May, Google has been displaying limited Twitter results in mobile searches in the US. Now we learn that Google is bringing this same experiment to the UK but for desktop searches.


According to MarketingLand, it has already been been confirmed by a Google spokesperson that “the company has been experimenting with displaying Twitter in desktop search results since mid-July,” but also said, “We don’t have more to announce for now.”

So What’s the Big Deal?

If (when) Google implements this world wide, this is going to greatly change the SEO game for businesses. That 140 characters is increasingly becoming an important tool for ranking and company visibility. Now more than ever, understanding the target keywords for your industry is no longer a competitive edge, but a baseline necessity.  

What To Do Now

1) This may make me sound a little like’s Captain Obvious, but first and foremost, make sure your business has a twitter account.  And if you don’t: GET ONE!

2) If you already do have an account, make sure your profile is fully optimized. Proper keywords hashtags, web links, etc.

3) Learn how to write engaging tweets (or hire someone who can!). Stay true to your business, by establishing a solid brand presence and don’t be afraid to take be bold and take risks.

Final Thought

All in all, now is the time (if you haven’t done so already) to start building up your following, so by the time twitter arrives to google desktop SERPs, you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else.

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