October 22, 2015

“1+1=3” is TRUE for Digital Marketing

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

In general, people get this statement, but when we apply the power behind this saying to digital marketing, it gets even more interesting. When we apply this concept to all the services we provide, the client partnership & the value we add becomes very clear and obvious. An easy sell.

Integration, Collaboration, and Synergy Are Powerful Stuff

1+1 Blog Post

Here’s why I see this unconventional formula of “1+1= 3” being true for Paid Media:

Paid Search (1) +  Other Marketing Channels (SEO, Social, Offline) (1) = An integrated approach to digital marketing   

1) Account management / optimization efficiency across channels
2) Paid Cost efficiency across channels
3) Combined Incremental ROI in total – Increased conversions or Revenue growth
4) Multi-channel attribution, analytics and reporting
5) Possible extension of relationship to other services we provide on content syndication, pre-marketing and/or retargeting

It’s all about the client’s success rather than just adding more business on the books.

Your Marketing/Paid Team (1) +  External Marketing Team (1) = An extended team of your marketing department that is adding more collective value

1) Your strategy, business context & goals/KPIs to achieve
2) Our campaign implementation, data collection and subject matter expertise
3) Extended team, additional support partners & tools – More time to focus on your business
4) Collaborative & comprehensive digital marketing campaign management & additional expert resources

At the end of the day, two heads are always better than one. A second set of eyes and opinions can never be a bad idea to minimize expensive paid budget errors.

Hiring an agency doesn’t have to be an In-House vs outsourcing discussion, but a powerful and collaborative extension of your marketing team, helping you grow and make clients successful.

Collectively, there has to be trust that when it comes down to it: Yes, 1+1=3 is TRUE for digital marketing.