July 21, 2015

Marketing to Your International Audience


Marketing your products in the US is what comes most easily. After all, your marketing team is based in the US and your native language is English. But when your products are also sold in Canada, and perhaps Latin America, you are likely missing out on significant sales revenue if you neglect to include translated versions of your marketing materials in your marketing plan.

Though tackling translations may seem daunting, it’s actually the easy part. You’ve already spent lots of time, energy and money creating an interactive marketing piece or a video for a US audience that shows all the relevant features and benefits of a product. Your marketing piece may include carefully shot photography or video–both expensive and time consuming. It looks polished and hits all the important points you want to relay. Now the final step is to take this stellar marketing piece and prepare a French version so you can roll it out in Canada–by law Canadian content must have both an English and French version. Then take a look at where your product is being sold in Latin America and prepare a Spanish version and/or a Portuguese version.


You’ve done most of the work already. You’ve gone through a process that has yielded a well thought out and effective marketing piece for your US audience. It’s been approved by the powers that be at your company and is ready to go.

When translating marketing pieces we start with approved copy, taking that copy and working with our translation team to write a version not only in the language desired, but localized for the region where it will be distributed. Using native speakers and reviewers generates copy that is flawless to the end user—no “lost in translation” slips that may make the entire marketing piece lose credibility. These translations, used as on-screen text or voice over recordings, are paired with the existing marketing piece to create an alternate language version. A final step is making timing adjustments to accommodate translations, which typically run longer than English counterparts.

And now for the best part—you’re done. Voila, a French version of your fantastic marketing piece. Or Spanish, or Brazilian, or Japanese. Now you’ve captured that low hanging fruit—your customers all over the world will have access to your marketing piece’s compelling messages.


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