September 18, 2015

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Week In Review Sept 18, 2015

This Week in Industry Insights…

It’s Friday, and we’d like to bring the next installment of thought-provoking articles from the industry. These articles range from industry insights and news, to best practices and how-tos. If you’d like to share any articles with us for our Week In Review, feel free to send your suggestions to

10 Tips To Promote Your eCommerce Store

Author: GetApp, A Business Apps Marketplace that helps Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), to discover, compare and review popular business software solutions and services for their needs.
Source: GetApp Lab

You have built this beautiful, well-oiled eCommerce store–now what? The Orders should be rolling in, right? Wrong. Just having an aesthetic, well-functioning online store is not enough. From focusing on site design to ReTargeting users, GetApp presents 10 solid tips that businesses and brands utilize in order to attract consumers and get traffic to their eCommerce store.

Let’s Get Physical: Why E-Commerce Makes Offline Stores More Important Than Ever

Author: Baldwin Cunningham, Contributor for & Founder & CEO of Partnered, a digital network that helps traditional business innovate how they market & sell to customers by partnering with the world’s most innovative startups.
Source: Forbes

“We’ve seen a rise of direct-to-consumer labels, on demand ordering and delivery of nearly anything, virtual fitting rooms, subscription product discovery, buy buttons from social, and even offline buttons that reorder goods with a single click. One could be forgiven for thinking that, if it hasn’t done so yet, e-commerce is inevitably going to kill physical stores as we know them.”

Cunningham explores, Forbes 30 Under 30 Tristan Pollock’s video and his comments on how in a world of e-commerce, physical stores must now take on an experimental front. Short read with great food for thought and excellent video.

Facebook Inc, Amazon, Mobile Video, And Desktop E-commerce Growth Reviewed: Cantor Fitzgerald

Author: Henry Williams, Technology Writer for for Business Finance News
Source: Business Finance News

“Cantor Fitzgerald reported that its Cantor Internet Index (CII) has performed better than the market this week, risen 2.60% compared to the S&P 500, which has improved over 2.70% year-to-date (YTD).

Analyst Youssef Squali reviewed the latest development in Facebook Inc., Inc., and also discussed the comScore’s data about desktop e-commerce.”

7 Things High-Impact Ecommerce Store Owners Are Good At

Author: Danny Wong, Co-founder of Blank Label. Digital Marketer & Freelance Writer
Source: The Huffington Post

If you want to be the best, you have to think like the best…and then make it better. This informative article dives deep into 7 things that experts found as common themes amongst some of the most successful online retail companies. This article is great because it just doesn’t tell you what the do, but HOW they do it with thorough examples. This is a definite MUST read.

The Keys to Winning the E-Commerce (Rat) Race

Author: Rob Howard, CEO of Grand Junction
Source: Chain Store Age

This article explores the evolution and future of same-day delivery, as a means of survival and competition in the ever raising and changing game of e-commerce. This short but informative and insightful narrative, will leave you asking and wondering the right kind of questions.

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