May 15, 2015

Industry Insights: Best Articles of the Week May 15, 2015

The Week in Review

It’s Friday, and we’d like to bring you five thought-provoking articles from the industry. These articles range from industry insights and news, to best practices and how-tos.  Enjoy this second installment and stay tuned for our top five next week. If you’d like to share any articles with us for our Week In Review, feel free to send your suggestions to

1)  How Walmart Plans to Complete with Online Mega-Store, Amazon

“The world’s largest retailer says beginning late this summer it will offer a select group of customers access to free three-day delivery on one million top-selling products for $50 per year—half the cost of Amazon Prime.”

2)  Google’s ‘Phantom’ Algorithm Update Hits Websites and Why You Should Care

CNBC’s Ari Levy explains and details the larger impacts of the new Google update, and how it will quickly leave all those non-mobile friendly site in the bottom of the rankings.

3)  Solid CRO Tactics to Use When You Don’t See Eye to Eye with Your Web Designer

“When should you take off the gloves and have a dustup with your designer? Columnist Jeremy Smith shows you how to make your CRO case in a powerful way.”

4)  9 Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Business Wildly Successful

Digital Marketing Strategist, Sam Edwards, gives some essential, critical tips for becoming an ecommerce leader and heavy hitter.

5) 3 Ways to Optimize Forms for Online Marketing Success

Dive deep with Leeyen Rogers, Vice President of Marketing at JotForm, on how to best utilize online forms to improve your marketing campaigns.