May 29, 2015

Industry Insights: A Week in Review May 29, 2015

It’s Friday, and we’d like to bring you five thought-provoking articles from the industry. These articles range from industry insights and news, to best practices and how-tos. If you’d like to share any articles with us for our Week In Review, feel free to send your suggestions to

1) 19 Subject Line Stats Impacting Our Email Open Rates
You may have some great things to say to your customers, but is anyone reading your or even opening your emails? Check out this informative slide show, and get informed craft your subject for optimized engagement.

2) Online Retails Sales Grow 14.5% in Q1
The numbers are in and “online retail sales in the United States increased 14.5% in the first quarter of the year to $80.3 billion from $70.1 billion.”

3) 5 Keys to the Digital Experience Equation
Leveraging customers, context and content to deliver the optimal digital experience, this study contains many interesting key takeaways. The key “Content & Commerce” is of most interest to ecommerce. It discusses the importance and essentialness of bringing “Brand/Editorial content” alongside the standard product content.

4) How I Failed in Digital Advertising
It’s always good to learn from your mistakes–or in this case, from someone else’s. Columnist Peter Minnium isn’t afraid to own up to his mistakes in digital advertising. Here’s what others can learn from his errors.

5) Analyzing Direct Traffic: WTF Is It?! Why Do I Have It?
For an in-depth crash course guide to understanding and optimizing your direct traffic, check out Ryan Stewart’s informative and useful article.

3 Ecommerce Trends You Need to Know for a Profitable 2015
When 2015 rang in, Shopify did a data-driven prediction of the top 3 ecommerce trends for a profitable 2015.  With Q1 being over and Q2 quickly coming to a close, take a look at these predictions.  Have they proved to be relevant? How does your business measure up?


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