July 10, 2015


It’s Friday, and we’d like to bring the next installment of thought-provoking articles from the industry. These articles range from industry insights and news, to best practices and how-tos.

Newegg Opens An Online Store For College Student

by, Matt Linder, Research Analyst
Source: Internet Retailer

With inevitable school loans piling up, any break a student can get is always welcome, and much needed.  Newegg.com has taken note of the fortunate-burden of an education, and is helping out in an unprecedented way to deliver special offers and discounts to students.

100+ Experts Reveal Their Favorite Social Media Management Tools

by, Chris Makara
Source: Bulk.LY

Social Media Management–exciting for some, painful for others.  With all this information swirling around out there on the interwebs, it can be a bit overwhelming when asking for advice.  A great place to start is this guide.  Chris Makara expertly compiles concise, no-nonsense advice from leading industry experts on the best practices, tips, and tools for social media management.

9 Cold Email Formulas That Just Plain Work

by, Bernie Reeder, Sales at Work Smart
Source: Yesware: The Exchange

If you use email for any type of outbound sales/marketing efforts, you need to read this article. It’s not the end-all-be-all, but it’s got some pretty solid advice without all the technical jargon overload.

How Mobile Commerce Is Changing the Way We Shop

by, Ted Ammon, Ecommerce Inbound Marketing Specialist
Source: HubSpot Blogs

The numbers are in: “Mobile purchases now make up 34% of all ecommerce purchases, with 40% forecast by the end of this year. In the US, 53% of those sales take place on smartphones, with the rest on tablets.” This truly seems to be turning into the year of mobile. This brief yet informative post covers how we’re using and where we’re going with mobile.

5 Secrets to Running a Successful Ecommerce Business

by, Thomas Smale, Co-founder of FE International
Source: Entrepreneur.com

Starting and running your ecommerce business can be a tricky, arduous task full of unknowns and expensive roadblocks. But when done right and well, it can yield some pretty amazing results for your business. While at first glance the list may seem full of no-brainers, people tend to go for the gusto and forget these all too common overlooked secrets and tips. Smale does a solid job explaining each one and providing realistic advice.

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