June 20, 2016

The Digital Endcap: Online Product Marketing

eCommerce Product Marketing Must-Have

You go to the store to buy milk. On your way to the dairy section, you see a sleek product display at the end of an aisle that catches your eye. You remember, “Oh, shoot. I need sunscreen too!” Then, 10 additional items later, you’re checking out. Yep, happens to me too–especially at Target. Those alluring displays have a name: Endcaps. And they are very effective.

Endcaps can highlight a product’s sale or promotion with an enticing arrangement, and are a great source of in-store advertising, which motivate shoppers to make a purchase.

eCommerce product marketing

When someone walks into a physical store they are on a purchasing mission, and rarely walk out of the store without purchasing something. But online shoppers act differently. When someone lands on a home page or category page of an e-tailer site, they are much less likely to purchase after the first visit.

How can we apply Endcaps to eCommerce?

A physical store can only hold so many products. Online, there can be thousands of products in a single category. Shoppers can get overwhelmed by an abundance of options. And that alone could stop shoppers from buying. So what can e-tailers learn from the retail endcap to drive browsers to a product page?

Enter the Digital Endcap.

Interactive digital banners act exactly like an in-store endcap. Banners help shoppers find and buy products by utilizing cutting edge technology in the valuable space above the page fold. These interactive digital banners easily showcase promotional products, a buyer’s top pick, or provide brand awareness.

For example: Costco.com’s gazebo subcategory page lists 24 individual products. Without any proper suggestions or guidance, shoppers may feel daunted by an endless search through product information. Some shoppers might not have the time for such an elaborate search. The solution: Interactive Subcategory Banners. Costco.com offers an upgrade to traditional banner ads on their subcategory pages, making them interactive.

eCommerce product marketing

These banners allow shoppers to “interact” with a product just like they would with an in-store endcap, simplifying their search. Brands can capture a customer’s attention as soon as they hit a subcategory page, delivering brand/product awareness, promotions, sales, product information, and product content.

Brands are finding Interactive Subcategory Banners to be a cost effective marketing solution. These digital endcaps help to attract the middle of the marketing funnel, catching what traditional display and paid search advertising can’t. Most importantly, these banners experience more than an 8:1 Return on Investment (ROI).

Final Thought

To recap, here are three important things to remember about interactive digital endcaps: 

1) Maximize exposure. Highlight products that are on promotion or newly launched.
2) High impact placements. Catch the middle of the marketing funnel. Maximize your marketing efforts to attract those with a high intent to purchase.
3) Increase product engagement. Engage shoppers who already show an intent to purchase in a specific category.