May 27, 2015

Capitalizing on the Continued Rise of Online Retail

What the Numbers Say

As most expected, online retail sales continues to grow with a year over year increase of 14.5% in Q1.  Retail sales as a whole increased 1.6% year over year, with eCommerce making up just 7% of the total retail sales, but half of the growth.

US Retail E-commerce Sales

What does this mean for online retailers?

As more and more consumers are getting comfortable purchasing online, it becomes imperative that marketers monitor and improve their online presence.  Whether through paid media, SEO, retargeting, or improving the user experience, brands and retailers must be present where their customers are, and engage with them in a way that addresses their needs.

Just like in-store shoppers, online shoppers have similar needs.  They have questions, desires, and concerns, and it’s our websites job to fulfill these. “How does it work?”, “What colors are available?”, “Will it fit?”, “Am I getting a good deal?”, “Is it popular?”,  “Are my peers buying this?”.

Addressing your visitor’s needs is a sure-fire way to convert them from visitors to customers, and as more and more shoppers are turning to the web…..the time is now.

Now What?

When considering what is the best approach for your business, check out some of these great resources by industry leaders:

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