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eCommerce Product Marketing Must-Have You go to the store to buy milk. On your way to the dairy section, you see a sleek product display at the end of an aisle that catches your eye. You remember, “Oh, shoot. I need sunscreen too!” Then, 10 additional items later, you’re checking out. Yep, happens to me too–especially… Read more »

Sellpoints has been working diligently to improve conversion rates on Movavi sells software in the video editing and file conversion space directly on their website, and Sellpoints was able to help them increase their conversion rate for purchases, increase their revenue per visitor, and their average order size. Check out the below webinar to see… Read more »

WHY SO EFFECTIVE? The online shopping experience can make or break turning a casual browser into a lifelong customer. Many brands and retailers spend thousands of dollars–and even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, on SEO, PPC, etc just to get shoppers to a product page alone. But once they are there, then what? Getting shoppers through the… Read more »

Late last month, we hosted a Webinar discussing the in’s and out’s of Google Shopping (PLA). In case you missed it, here is a brief recap: Earlier this year, we partnered with several retailers to deliver the highest possible ROI for brands that they work with, using Google Shopping (PLA) and Google Search (PPC). Product Listing… Read more »

Pull More Revenue From Your eCommerce Store Owning and running your own eCommerce store is no walk in the park. You need to have solid knowledge of your customers, marketing tactics, various technologies, and even certain SEO strategies. But there are some simple, yet often overlooked, ways of squeezing even more revenue from your eCommerce… Read more »

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” ― Aristotle In general, people get this statement, but when we apply the power behind this saying to digital marketing, it gets even more interesting. When we apply this concept to all the services we provide, the client partnership & the value we add becomes very… Read more »

The holidays are quickly approaching, and businesses are searching for the best ways to spend the last of their marketing budget in order to maximize their profits this year. With the holiday shopping season becoming increasingly competitive, we asked a few digital marketing experts to share their tips on how businesses and retailers can maximize… Read more »

Sellpoints is excited to welcome guest blogger, Ryan Stewart, this week. Ryan shares his expertise on effective Twitter marketing. Twitter Marketing Done Right Remember the rap song “Remember The Name,” by Fort Minor? Sorry. I just got it out of my head too. For about a year, it was played at the beginning of every sporting… Read more »

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