Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)

Advertising on Amazon is an effective way to drive traffic to all of your Amazon listings. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) allow you to target your primary audience both on and off

amazon ams services

Shopper Acquisition

Amazon product listing ads as well as amazon display ads are one of the best ways to increase brand visibility and increase overall sales conversions. Targeting shoppers through Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) helps to broaden your audience reach all over the web.

How does Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) work?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) are paid advertisement campaigns that appear within from search results. For example, if we search for “lipstick” on Amazon, the following results page comes up (see image below). Everything in an orange box is an example of AMS ads within Amazon. There is a relevant banner ad on top with a selection of ASINs, as well as sponsored products that appear at the top of the product listings.


Amazon AMS


What is the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)?

As for ads on the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP), these are display ads that programmatically appear across Amazon “owned-and-operated” websites and apps that lead back to a product’s Amazon landing page. In the example image below, the Echo Dot display ad (inside the orange box) appears within the ad space on When working within AAP, Amazon retargeting tools can be used to increase ad exposure to ultimately bring interested clients directly back to your product pages.


Amazon AAP


Our Amazon PPC and Traffic Generation Process

With a coordinated campaign strategy, Sellpoints can streamline campaign performance for brands and against competitors. We also perform ongoing research, testing, and management to get proper insights into who is buying your products. Our team does thorough Amazon product keyword research and management on the AMS platform, and will help target consumers and in-market shoppers on AAP.

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